Instructional Designer & Learning Expert

Cindy St. John

I have 17 years of experience as a creative learning expert, specializing in the end-to-end production of engaging and inclusive instructional programs. My expertise spans instructor-led, blended, and eLearning formats, and I excel at collaborating with subject matter experts and stakeholders to transform instructional goals into meaningful outcomes. I thrive on taking calculated risks to achieve bold and innovative solutions. To gauge the effectiveness of my designs, I rely on formative and summative assessments, ensuring a data-driven approach. Embracing technology, I am an avid learner who eagerly embraces new challenges. As a skilled communicator, I prioritize empathy, open-mindedness, and collaboration, fostering a strong sense of teamwork. 

I hold an MFA in creative writing and I am a published poet. And like writing poetry, innovative design begins with curiosity, attention and a search for meaning. I design more than just efficient systems, but effective learning experiences that excite and motivate learners to discover and achieve more. 

Learn more about my experience and specialties by viewing my resume.

Outside of work, I am always learning and exploring, whether through reading the huge stack of books forever on my nightstand, or through writing, raising two boys, learning ceramics, traveling and running.